About the blog

It’s 2016, the year I said I’d write a blog (Note to self: Don’t Panic!). The posts here won’t be particularly thematic, mostly just topics which interest me, a way for me to get myself to get my voice out. I’ve been wanting/needing to write about social justice for a while- particularly race politics, feminism, and queer issues. So I’ve made this platform on my own little corner of the internet. I am a cisgender, white, queer/butch, able-bodied woman and citizen of the United States. All my political writing will be deeply rooted in that perspective, and I will be doing my best to center and de-center myself in certain discussions as appropriate.

Just as a little taste for what to expect from following me, I can tell you that my first planned piece will be about my experience with butch identity and the presence (and absence) of the butch in pop culture. You can also expect me to write about roller derby, of which I have recently become obsessed, and neuroscience and/or the culture of science in general, as that is my career. I am looking forward to writing thoughtful posts and connecting hopefully with others on this site. Welcome, to this butch gal’s guide to the galaxy!


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